LVW Group Ltd


A family run business established since 1946, LVW Group Ltd. is a parts supplier operating from eight locations with its head office based in Birkenhead. The company serves over 750 garages and prides itself on its customer service and availability of high quality products.

“Our company has seen significant growth since its establishment and we’re always willing to take advantage of the latest technological advancements to ensure the future success of our business,” said Daniel Walsh, Director at LVW Group Ltd.


LVW Group Ltd. switched to MAM Software’s Autopart business management solution over four years ago, replacing a system that did not keep up with the needs of the business. Daniel explained: “Our previous management system didn’t seem to undergo constant development, which we think is essential to the ever-changing landscape of the aftermarket industry.

“Many of our business associates and manufacturers were already using MAM Autopart and could vouch that it was a constantly evolving system. Plus, the Autocat+ catalogue - which is maintained and developed by MAM Software - provided us with an invaluable tool when searching for, and trading, vehicle parts.”

Autopart efficiently handled all of LVW Groups core operational processes, but with significant business growth and the purchase of new branches, LVW Group needed a way to streamline more tasks associated with a busy company.


When LVW Groups’ hardware warranty was about to run out over a year ago, the company got in touch with MAM Software to see if its cloud solutions would benefit its business. “We’d received a lot of correspondence from MAM regarding its cloud solutions and we had a feeling they’d be of interest to us. When it came to replacing and re-insuring our servers kept on site, we decided to get in touch to find out what the cloud had to offer,” said Daniel.

“We learnt that cloud solutions utilise remote servers which would eliminate the need to buy our own,” he continued. “This posed many benefits, not only because of the simplified IT maintenance, but because we wouldn’t have to worry about our head office servers failing and subsequently putting our remaining branches temporarily out of business.”

MAM Software’s cloud solutions are hosted on remote servers, stored and monitored in a state-of-the-art data centre, with flood and fire resistant measures in place and back-up generators in the case of a power cut.

“Since going live with MAM Autopart Online, we soon realised that cloud computing is an excellent solution to accommodate business growth and has saved us an invaluable amount of time when it comes to IT maintenance,” said Daniel.


Automatic software updates and dayend data backups

“We previously had to carry out our own data backups and manually install software updates. Now, both of these tasks are handled from within the data centre by MAM Software. Needless to say, this has saved our staff hours from having to carry out stressful tasks,” explained Daniel.

Significantly simplified hardware maintenance

“We no longer have to worry about purchasing, maintaining, replacing or upgrading on site servers. It’s all taken care of remotely which offers us peace of mind,” said Daniel.

Savings on the cost of energy

Eliminated hardware maintenance isn’t the only cost-saving benefit of cloud hosting, as Daniel explained: “We previously had to pay to power our own servers, as well as the costs of all the necessary cooling equipment. These costs are completely eliminated with Autopart Online.”

Improved resilience and stability

MAM’s servers are protected with a number of safety measures and backup generators to ensure LVW Groups management system runs smoothly. Daniel said: “It’s great that we don’t have to rely on the safety of our own servers at our head office. We can trust MAM Software to keep our business up and running.”

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