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Ray’s Garage Supplies

Paymentsense integration eliminates keying errors for Ray’s Garage Supplies

Ray’s Garage Supplies

Motor factor is using Autopart-integrated system to handle transactions with greater accuracy

Ray’s Garage Supplies, an Accrington-based motor factor, has achieved time efficiencies across its business since implementing Paymentsense card payment technology. The system is integrated with the company’s existing Autopart software, which has made it much simpler to process card transactions and keep on top of everyday finances.

Craig Byrom, Managing Director of Ray’s Garage Supplies, revealed that having payment technology directly linked to its business management software has proved invaluable. As a busy motor factor, customers make account payments over the phone or turn up in person at the trade counter. Since integrating Paymentsense with its MAM Software system 12 months ago, many of the processes the team had previously done manually have now been automated.

Craig continued: “We used to write down in a book when a customer had paid, then once a week we would knock the payments off their accounts, meaning we were always lagging behind. Paymentsense is live and therefore always up to date, it’s saving us a lot of time and improves accuracy across our business.”

One of the main advantages over using an electronic card payment system has been the reduction in manual keying errors. “Using Paymentsense means we no longer input any wrong amounts into the system,” Craig noted. “Previously, if we typed in the wrong amount there was no way of rectifying it – we would effectively lose the money. Now it's simply not possible for this situation to arise.”

Another positive outcome of using Paymentsense has been the quality of the connectivity. Card payments are taken using a PIN-entry device, which is linked to the EPOS system using a cloud-based service that requires a reliable internet connection.

“With the technology we were using before, we were constantly having to move around the building looking for a good signal. It was a nightmare. We haven’t experienced any of those issues since moving to Paymentsense,” Craig confirmed.

The Autopart-integrated technology has also allowed Ray’s Garage Supplies to handle its cash and credit accounts in the same way, rather than treating them as separate entities. Emails can be sent out to cash customers outlining what is owed on their account, as opposed to racking up several invoices and paying on delivery, which is “way better” than how the accounts had worked previously.

Craig is actively promoting Paymentsense to the wider industry, saying it has the potential to revolutionise the way in which motor factors manage their day-to-day business finances.

“I can’t recommend Paymentsense highly enough, it’s far better than any system we have ever used before,” added Craig.

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