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Bradford Auto Parts

Bradford Auto Parts enjoy the efficiencies of digital transformation with Autopart Online

Bradford Auto Parts

Ambitious motor factor, Bradford Auto Parts, has implemented Autopart Online from MAM Software to deliver a wide choice of parts to more garages across the city. The company already used Autocat, MAM Software’s comprehensive electronic parts catalogue, to find all the automotive components for their customers. However, their new joint-owner, Kabir Hussein, wanted to incorporate a fully integrated ERP SaaS solution so they could offer their customers a quicker and more comprehensive service while enjoying the benefits of cloud-computing.

Bradford Auto Parts started life as a local motor factor in 2006. The company built up a loyal customer base, but in 2019, Kabir Hussein bought into the business. Since then, the company has developed its strategy and accessed new markets through established online channels like eBay.

‘These days, it’s important to go digital,’ Kabir says, stating why his company integrated Autocat with Autopart Online. Kabir had used MAM Software’s business management solutions before at a previous company, so he recognised Autopart Online could help his new company achieve many more efficiencies. At the same time, being a cloud-based system, Kabir knew that Autopart Online offered greater security and the convenience of automatic backups.

‘We’re delighted Kabir chose Autopart for his company’s business management software,’ says James Mitchell, Managing Director of MAM Software’s parent company, Kerridge Commercial Systems. ‘The control his team has gained from being able to quickly assess sales and stock is one of Autopart’s many benefits.’

‘Autopart delivers much value to our business,’ Kabir explains. ‘Firstly, we have complete control of our stock, and we can see what we are and aren’t selling at a glance. But we can also see what our customers have paid for products in the past. This functionality is handy when building those long-standing relationships with customers.’

Kabir is also happy with the integrated ledger system and the way Autopart Online creates professional invoices with a few clicks of a mouse. ‘It was hard before with pen and paper,’ Kabir highlights, ‘but the way the system integrates with Autocat’s online catalogue saves us a lot of time.’

‘We can also instantly look up parts, making us more efficient. And this gives the customer a great service because they know we can work with them quickly.’ Since implementing the software in late 2021, Kabir and his partners feel Autopart Online has brought a transformative boost to their business. ‘We wouldn’t want to do without it now,’ he says. ‘From accounting to sales, stock management, and reporting, Autopart Online makes running a modern motor factor much easier!’

The training from MAM Software, coupled with the intuitive nature of the system, means Bradford Auto Parts has implemented Autopart Online quickly. The company is also keen to see what further innovations will be released. ‘We want to stay one step ahead, so we’re delighted to work with a partner like MAM Software.’

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