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A to Z Motor Parts is a thriving motor factor in the Virginia suburb of Brisbane.  When Darren Price acquired the business (then known as N & M Spares) in November 2008, one of his first moves was to replace the incumbent I.T. system.

 "As it stood, N & M Spares was a good little business" Darren Prince explained. "It had been running for 30 years and had a well established customer base in the northern suburbs. The company had tremendous potential but it was a little old fashioned and the computer system wasn't making the business any money. Faced with competition from the national chains, it was one element we needed to change".


"I'd been using Autopart since 1989 and already knew its benefits" Darren Prince recalls. "I knew it would be perfect for the business". Rather than convert the existing data, he wanted to start with a clean slate and import data manually. "Autopart has a very user-friendly block import feature that makes importing new data a breeze.  We took product and price files in CSV format from our suppliers and imported them directly into Autopart. The system was soon operational and we went live in November 2008."


System usability

After a short period of in-house training, A to Z's staff soon became familiar with the new software. "Our staff were very impressed with Autopart" Darren Prince explains. "They found it very flexible and extremely simple to use. They found it particularly useful to be able to easily navigate from one area of the system to the next without having to finish the current process."

Flexible pricing

Autopart's flexible pricing means that staff have a degree of flexibility at point-of-sale. "It was very difficult to manage pricing in our previous system. Autopart, on the other hand, allows us to give counter staff freedom to amend prices within pre-defined parameters.  Prices can be lowered to capitalise on every sales opportunity or increased maximise profitability. Crucially, Autopart records the final sale price to provide complete accountability. If a customer re-purchases, staff know exactly how much they previously paid."

Special orders

Autopart's bought-out parts functionality is helping A to Z streamline its procurement of special order parts. "Autopart enables us to undertake special orders quickly and simply. Staff can easily raise an order and complete the sale in the same transaction."

Electronic ordering

Electronic commerce is playing an increasingly important role in the Australian aftermarket. Thanks to Autopart, A to Z is strongly positioned to capitalise on the technology. "Some suppliers are now beginning to demand that orders are placed electronically" comments Darren Prince. "They've been very impressed with what we've been available to achieve. Some of the large corporations can't do e-commerce, but we're well in front".

Ledger accounting

Autopart is helping A to Z maintain a tight grip on its finances. "When running a business, it's essential to keep on top of your profitability" comments Darren Prince. "Autopart's Ledgers are so simple to use. It automatically works out your profit and you know exactly where you're up to". Autopart also helps keep costs down during month end. "The statement run is a breeze. Autopart records our customers' preferences and automatically prints, faxes or e-mails statements to suit. It saves us a lot of time and money – it's probably halved my paper usage."


"Autopart is helping us build on our existing customer base and capitalise on the growing market for European parts. When you've got six phones ringing and the store is busy, Autopart really helps out. Our customers are growing in confidence and so is our business. Before you know it, Autopart is paying for itself" Darren Prince concluded.

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