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SalesRep product tour

The test data used in these videos is based on the implementation of an automotive aftermarket user. The full functionality of SalesRep has also been developed to work with our other business management solutions for the tyre and merchant industries.

MAM SalesRep is a feature-rich tablet app that empowers your field-based sales representatives to strengthen customer relationships and improve productivity. Here is a selection of short videos introducing its main features. Click on a thumbail below to view the video.


MAM Software will liase with you to ensure that the requisite functionality is configured within you MAM business management solution in order for you to login sucessfully and derive the maximum benefit from MAM SalesRep.

Account Enquiry

SalesRep allows your sales representatives to make a full account enquiry on any of their customers, showing last paid date and amount. It also allows you to improve debt collection by encouraging your staff to follow up on outstanding customer invoices.

Customer Notes

SalesRep allows your staff to improve customer communication during direct visits by giving them instant access to departmental or all customer notes, with the ability to add new notes. Department specific notes can be created and password protected, and all notes added to SalesRep sync instantly with your management software.

Customer Visit Notes

Customer call logs link to the Rep Call Management system in your management software and allows your staff to complete a call and enter details relating to the visit. They can also check when their next call date is scheduled for with details of current objectives for each customer. Rep schedules can be created in your head office software or in SalesRep.


SalesRep’s recent transactions functionality empowers your sales representatives to enhance customer service by being able to chase up a customer’s back orders on-the-go. This feature will also allow your staff to view and follow up quotes, suspended documents and pick notes - enabling them to provide instant updates to your customers.

Purchase History

Sales representatives can enhance customer service by being able to easily view a list of recent orders and carry out stock and price enquiries. They can also improve the chance of a sale by suggesting alternative products and ordering straight from the app. Orders made using SalesRep sync instantly with your management software.

Product Enquiries and Orders

The purchase/sales processing functionality allows for the efficient re-ordering of stock, allowing your staff to check stock availability for specific parts and alternatives and re-order directly from the tablet app. As many products as you wish can be added to a customer order, which can be saved to the device to be retrieved later.

Benchmark Report

SalesRep’s benchmark report allows staff to select up to ten product categories and profile percentage spend against branch averages. This allows users to generate extra revenue by identifying where a customer could be spending more or which product categories they could be buying from competitors.

Sales Data

Each of your sales representatives has their own secure login to see their own accounts with the ability to carry out a number of actions. A secure login screen ensures that only the staff can access their customer base. With data accessed via the internet from your head office management system, all information and updates can be viewed in real-time.

Impress and Managed Stock

Impress stock is a tried and tested way for you to increase your profits and gain product popularity. It’s also great for your customers, as they can assure their own customers that popular products are always readily available. SalesRep not only allows your sales representatives to monitor impress stock levels, it also allows them to carry out an impress stock check and create replenishment orders directly from the app.

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