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EasyAP automates and streamlines business for Melksham Motor Spares

Melksham Motor Spares discuss how automating their supplier invoice process has cut costs and manual labour time

Melksham Motor Spares

IAAF Car distributor of the year, Melksham Motor Parts have established their name in the Automotive Aftermarket with over 55 years in the industry. For the past 25 years, Melksham Motor Spares have had MAM Software’s flagship business management system, Autopart to maximise productivity throughout their workplace.

Autopart is the versatile business management system that seamlessly integrates sales, stock management, accounting and reporting into one easy-to-use package. Alison Cook, Financial Director of Melksham Motor Spares advised ‘We have been with MAM now for 25 years and have tried to embrace all the things it has to offer.’ Melksham Motor Spares have integrated MAM’s comprehensive electronic parts catalogue Autocat, stocktake functionality, online seller services modules and Phocas, the business intelligence tool that integrates directly into Autopart. Alison continued ‘We have watched Autopart evolve over time, I remember catalogues being large documents on your desk and now Autopart and Autocat work seamlessly in unison. The processes for selling are brilliant, Autopart is tailored for the Automotive Aftermarket and there is so much more MAM are bringing in the future.’ Melksham Motor Spares have continued to keep abreast of the latest developments by implementing EasyAP.

EasyAP enables users to acquire invoices electronically from suppliers and raise them directly into their account’s payable module. Alison continued ‘In terms of time Easy AP has saved us, we are talking numbers of people within the team, you’re not spending hours and hours of manual labour when a computer can do it all for you. We are only linking a handful of invoices compared to what we did 10 years ago.’

Coupled with the time saving features of EasyAP, Alison noted other areas that this has improved. ‘Every company is striving for a cleaner future and a greener environment. There is no more paperwork and storage as this all goes directly to our servers. I fully believe that in the future EasyAP will lead Melksham Motor Spares’ paper use down to zero and that’s going to be brilliant.’

Nigel Clemett, Business Development Director at MAM Software advised ‘Melksham Motor Spares have been with MAM for decades and as soon as I heard they were interested in EasyAP I knew it was the product for them. The automation can save so much time and vastly reduce errors, and it’s one more step companies can take to digitise and go paperless for the future.’

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