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Automation and digitisation are the keys to development for Essport

Automation and digitisation are the keys to development for Essport


Opening its doors almost 50 years ago, Essport Autoparts are dedicated to provide quality auto parts and accessories in the belief that experience is essential for the best quality service. Essport chose Autopart as their business management system and have built it and its many processes into the foundations of their productivity.

Autopart is versatile business management software that seamlessly integrates your sales, stock management, accounting and reporting processes in one easy-to-use package.

One of the many tasks which Essport have chosen Autopart to streamline is goods receive note matching. Goods receive note invoice matching “AutoGRNi” is a process that allows eBis purchase invoices and credits to be posted directly to supplier accounts on the purchase ledger. This is done by matching and verifying them against goods receipt notes or returns notes. This often-laborious task involves matching invoices to goods received notes (GRN), requiring numerous man hours and large amounts of paperwork to complete. Being such an intensive job could also have an impact on accuracy. Ian Smillie, Director of Essport Autoparts advised, 'manually grni matching is long, tedious work, thanks to AutoGrni this process is no more than 30 minutes as Autopart does all the rest for us, we have completely freed up a member of staff to do other tasks’. AutoGrni removes almost all requirement for human intervention, suppliers are set up during the implementation period and users can determine the upper and lower thresholds of matching in either a percent or monetary value.

Ian has found that AutoGrni has helped in many other ways other than freeing up staff. 'A huge advantage to AutoGrni is that it has fixed so many stock discrepancies that we have had. We have set our threshold for matching to £1, if an invoice isn't matched for a variance of £20 for example, we can drill into this and often find its due to a human error booking out too much stock causing a mismatch in our records, this has been a massive bonus we weren't expecting to come from AutoGrni matching.'

Ian concluded '30 years ago, if you could provide a part delivery service same day it was impressive, now, if you can't provide in 15 minutes you will be getting a call asking what’s happened'. In a hectic work environment where every minute is valuable, cutting the time a task takes from one day down to just minutes can save money, increase profitability and allow companies to stand out from the competition.

AutoGrni is just one product in MAM Software’s catalogue of processes designed to automate and digitise businesses. Find out more at

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