Advanced business management software designed for merchants, retailers and wholesalers. Trader integrates and automates core business processes, from order processing to accounts administration, helping to maximise sales, control costs and improve profitability

What is Trader?

Trader is versatile business-management software designed specifically for wholesalers and retailers, such as builders merchants, plumbers merchants, tools & fixings distributors, electrical wholesalers, DIY stores, stationers and garden centres. The feature-rich software seamlessly integrates all of your sales, stock management, accounting and reporting processes into one easy-to-use package. 

The system is designed to facilitate fast, efficient sales transactions by giving counter staff instant access to all the information they need at the point of sale. All accounting and back office systems are fully integrated, automating all of your routine business tasks. The software can be adapted to suit individual business requirements, giving you a bespoke system at off-the-shelf prices.

How is it delivered?

Trader is available as both a traditional 'on-premise' solution (with servers located on site) and a hosted 'cloud' solution (with servers located in a datacentre). On-premise deployment is ideal for those businesses that require the flexibility and control of housing their own hardware, while cloud deployment lowers up-front costs and eliminates the burden of updates and maintenance.

Who is it for?

Merchants, product wholesalers and retailers. 

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased sales revenues
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved profitability

What does Trader offer?

Product and price management

Trader has the capability to manage and process complex pricing models and rules, so that clear and accurate prices can be presented instantly to customers at the point of sale. Any discounts are calculated automatically, simplifying the sales process for counter staff and improving the customer experience. More detailed pricing criteria can also be incorporated, such as mixed-rate quantity breaks, contract pricing, rebated costs and special promotions. 

Sales order processing 

Trader features customisable point of sale screens that give you instant access to valuable product and customer information. It gives counter staff immediate access to details such as stock availability, special pricing and alternative products, empowering them to provide high standards of customer service and maximise any cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.

Purchase order processing 

The intelligent purchase order functionality of Trader goes far beyond manual and scheduled order processing. It offers automated re-ordering suggestions, multi-sourcing and best-buy analysis to help you maximise profit margins for each product. Lead-time calculations and inter-branch transfers help to improve your ordering efficiency and ensure products are stocked at optimum levels across your branches.

The order processing capabilities of Trader include automated re-ordering suggestions, lead-time calculations and inter-branch transfers to maximise your ordering efficiency and maintain stocks at optimum levels. The system also analyses multi-sourcing opportunities, best buys and purchase promotions to help identify the best-value supplier for each product and maximise your profit margins.

Ledger accounting 

The accounting functionality of Trader can be tailored to your specific requirements, simplifying your financial record-keeping and administration. Trader’s ledgers are fully integrated components of the system, automatically recording all transactions in the relevant accounts, with no need for manual data entry. There are additional modules for credit control, VAT accounting, reporting and reconciliation. 

Stock management

By automatically tracking your stock as it progresses from goods received to despatch, taking into account adjustments such as returns and credits, Trader ensures that you always have an accurate, up-to-date picture of current stock levels. A range of analysis tools offers additional functionality, such as recalculating your minimum and maximum stock levels based on sales history and forecast demand. 

Trader automatically tracks your stock as it progresses from goods received to despatch, with automatic ‘bin cards’ recording each movement. Stock adjustments such as returns and credits are also recorded, ensuring that you always have an accurate, up-to-date picture of current stocks. A range of analysis tools enables you to recalculate minimum and maximum stock levels based on sales history and forecast demand. 


Tradernet applications enable you to trade online throughout your supply chain, with web interfaces for both trade and retail sales and purchasing. You can also connect directly to the back-end systems of your trading partners, enabling you to check stock, verify prices and raise orders online. 

Business analysis and CRM

With the Phocas Business Intelligence application, you can evaluate your business performance in more detail than ever before. The customised graphs, tables and charts clearly and accurately present your key performance data, helping you to identify trends and areas for improvement. The Trader CRM module collates and analyses data from customer and sales activity, helping you to improve customer service and increase sales.

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