Catalogue data services

A comprehensive range of catalogue data solutions designed to help component suppliers improve the quality of product information published to garages and motor factors.

What are catalogue data services?

Catalogue data services are a range of tailored data manipulation and maintenance services designed to help parts manufacturers improve the quality of the data that is published in MAM's Autocat parts catalogue. Thousands of garages and motor factors rely on Autocat to specify the parts they sell and fit, so accurate up-to-date product information is essential. Catalogue data services can help component suppliers convert, manipulate and report on their data to ensure that the highest quality information is published.

Who are they for?

Parts suppliers and manufacturers who provide information to MAM's popular Autocat parts catalogue.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Better quality data 
  • Fewer errors and complaints
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • New product development opportunities

Data mapping 

The mapping of all supplier product data to Autocat's Make Model Index (MMI). The MMI uses a range of vehicle specification fields to accurately match products to vehicle registration numbers.

Data conversion

The conversion of existing catalogue data to the Autocat v8 standard. Available for a range of source formats including TecDoc.

Data maintenance

Ongoing maintenance to keep information up-to-date. Includes regular checks against MMI updates to ensure new models are catered for.

Data consultation and training

Guidance on all aspects of data management. Includes training using Automate Online, MAM's data-management application, which enables suppliers to publish product data directly to Autocat v8.

Product cross referencing

The mapping of supplier part numbers against competitors' or OEM products. Helps catalogue users find a replacement for a known product.

Quality assurance

Continuous or ad-hoc data verification to measure data quality. Accurate data means fewer returns and increased customer confidence.

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