Autonet EAI

Autonet EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is a connectivity framework that enables online communication between the back-end systems of trading partners

Autonet EAI provides electronic data interchange (EDI) between Autopart and third-party applications. It enables Autopart to communicate directly with customers' or suppliers' systems in order to look up prices, check stock and send or receive orders.

Autonet EAI solutions are available for a range of uses and industry protocols:

Buy-side Functionality

  • Autonet FPS Buyer (real-time)
  • Autonet Business-2-Business Buyer (real-time)
  • Autonet Marathon Buyer (real-time)
  • Autonet E-mail Buyer (periodic)
  • Autonet Autopart Buyer (real-time)

Sell-side Functionality

  • Autonet B2B Seller (real-time)
  • Autonet Autopart Seller (real-time)
  • Autonet E-mail Seller (periodic)
  • Autonet Web Export Routines
  • Autonet Web Import Routines

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