Accessories catalogue

An electronic catalogue that can be used in conjunction with Autopart and Trader to improve the product information that's accessible at point of sale.

Our electronic catalogue helps users of our software access improved product information at point of sale. The accessories catalogue is compatible with Autopart, while Tradercat can be used in conjunction with our Trader business management software.

The catalogue introduces support for tools, equipment, car care, consumables and accessories, enabling users to search, filter and compare products from individual brands. Price and stock information is immediately available, while chosen products can also be added to a transaction.

Suppliers to the catalogue can upload products, specifications and photographs so customers always have access to the latest information. This will make their products visible to every Autocat user, or a supplier can select which customers or trade groups they want to see their data. Customers are also able to ringfence their own data for personal use.

The groundbreaking catalogues will make product information more easily accessible, empowering counter staff to help their customers make better-informed buying decisions. 

Improved data

Access improved data at point of sale, and add products to a transaction.

Product detail

Suppliers can upload products, specifications and photographs.

Easily accessible

Price, stock and product information is immediately accessible.

Customer service

Counter staff can help customers make more informed buying decisions.

Compare products

Search, filter and compare products from individual brands.

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