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More suppliers update clutch kit product codes

Comline, Valeo, Sachs (ZF), QH, Herth+Buss Jakoparts, Japanparts and Exedy add to the growing list of brands providing specific clutch kit descriptions

More suppliers update clutch kit product codes

Several key suppliers have updated their clutch kit product codes in Autocat, adding to the growing list of brands which have provided more specific data.

ComlineValeoSachs (ZF)QH Clutches, the Herth+Buss Jakoparts brand, Japanparts' Ashika and Japanparts brands, and Exedy data is now live on the vehicle parts catalogue. This will make it easier for users to supply the correct type of clutch kit to their customers, and the extra functionality will be especially useful in situations where various products are available for the same vehicle.

The data update was rolled out earlier this year following feedback from Autocat users. A number of suppliers are already using the new clutch kit product descriptions: Tibbetts, Continental Direct, National, Teckmarx, Eibach, and First Line's Key Parts and Borg & Beck brands.

MAM has introduced several key changes to the data, including the clarification of the conversion type kits needed to change one clutch type into another. In the majority of cases, a DMF type is converted into a standard flywheel type.

Service kit replacement codes have also been updated, which enables users to find specific kits for the post-conversion servicing of a certain vehicle. This type only replaces particular serviceable parts and excludes some items, such as the CSC, DMF or cover.

Tony Mason, MAM's sales manager for data and e-commerce products, said: "The updated descriptions have already brought benefits to Autocat users and this will only continue as more suppliers provide new clutch kit product codes.

"We expect more brands to come on board over the coming months, which will further extend Autocat's functionality."

Autocat is an electronic parts catalogue capable of identifying the components needed for a specific vehicle or application. The web-driven catalogue is automatically updated and gathers data from multiple suppliers so the latest specifications are always available.

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