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Ellis Autoparts

Move to the cloud helps Ellis Autoparts work more efficiently during busy periods

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Ellis Autoparts

Motor factor's upgrade from a server-based system has enabled it to invest in two new workstations

Ellis Autoparts, a family-run motor factor based in County Antrim, has praised MAM's Autopart Online for helping to improve productivity throughout its business. 

The long-standing MAM customer and GROUPAUTO member recently moved to the cloud-based Autopart Online after its servers were due an upgrade. Libby Keatley, manager of Ellis Autoparts, revealed how the company has gained two new workstations now its on-site servers are no longer needed. 

"We have two extra screens for staff to use, which has increased productivity," said Libby. "During busy spells, anyone in the office can now jump on the phones without having to stop what they are doing and come downstairs to help the counter staff." 

Autopart Online is versatile business management software designed for distributors, motor factors and retailers. Users of the cloud-based system can access the software from anywhere with a suitable internet connection, and they do not have the burden of updates and maintenance. 

Ellis Autoparts chose Autopart Online to help future-proof its business, as it will be especially useful if the company decides to branch out into online sales, or introduce mobile stocktaking apps. 

"We have potentially saved a substantial amount of money, as if we do want to integrate other cloud-based features in the future, we have laid the groundwork rather than reinvesting in an outdated site-based system," Libby continued. 

Autopart Online has enabled the motor factor to speed up many of its core processes such as the morning boot-up and day-end routine, while the remote data backup offers reassurance that important information will not be lost. 

The cloud has also accommodated faster loading times, which means staff can find information more quickly and efficiently. "This is invaluable during busy periods when the phones are ringing off the hook," noted Libby. 

Ellis Autoparts was keen to keep disruption to a minimum when moving to a cloud-based system, and was glad to find it did not experience any downtime at all. 

"We have been very pleased with our experience with MAM," Libby commented. "The changeover was smooth and well managed, and we were kept well informed at each stage of the process. 

"MAM also provided us with a 'dummy copy' of our new Autopart setup on one of the workstations so we could test it out before the main switchover, which was brilliant." 

Mark Kendall, sales director at MAM Software, said: "There are many advantages to using cloud-based systems. Ellis Autoparts is the perfect example of how the cloud can help improve productivity, efficiency, and ultimately a company's bottom line."

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