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New catalogue reports enable suppliers to analyse product performance

Expected Performance (xP) analysis allows suppliers to measure the popularity of their products within MAM's Autocat catalogue

New catalogue reports enable suppliers to analyse product performance

MAM Software has continued to expand its range of catalogue data services with the addition of new analysis reports that measure and compare the performance of suppliers and their products in its Autocat catalogue.

One of the KPIs that has been developed as part of the new service is an Expected Performance (xP) rating. It analyses items passed to Autopart point of sale (POS) over the past 12 months by its 11,000 system users, and compares them to an average.

The data measures the performance of individual brands and categories against vehicles in MAM's Make Model Index (MMI). Products are designated a best, good, poor or worst Expected Performance (xP) rating, which indicates whether they are performing above or below par.

"Think of an expected number of goals in a football match - we are calculating an expected number of posts to Autopart POS," explained Nigel Clemett, general manager at MAM Software.

"Once we have highlighted the underperformers, we can also work out how many units the supplier has potentially lost over a 12-month period."

MAM can analyse individual MMIs before calculating a standard deviation and highlighting instances where a supplier is underperforming. There will be several reasons for some MMIs receiving a below-par rating, which MAM's data analysis can help to identify.

"We are actively involved in helping suppliers make better use of their catalogue data. The xP rating is just the latest addition to our data analysis offering," added Nigel Clemett.

The new analysis reports extend MAM's growing array of data services, which also includes data manipulation, maintenance and mapping, as well as the translation of data from TecDoc format into MAM's UK-specific Autocat format.

Suppliers to the Autocat catalogue can request a data consultation by contacting MAM Software on 01226 352901 or via this link.

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