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MAM to launch electronic job card and technician tracking solution

TeamView helps garages improve efficiency by accurately tracking technicians' performance

MAM to launch electronic job card and technician tracking solution

MAM Software has announced the forthcoming launch of TeamView, a new paperless job card and technicians' activity tracking add-on for its popular Autowork Online garage management software.

Designed to benefit garages of all sizes, TeamView provides real-time communication between work that is being undertaken and scheduled jobs. The solution features a mobile/paperless job card for technicians that can be used on a phone, tablet or PC.

There is also a workshop manager screen for office use, which incorporates drag and drop work assignment and real-time status updates. If a technician is waiting for a part, or for work to be authorised, a manager can see what is happening before quickly and simply reallocating work.

TeamView’s reporting suite allows users to analyse historical performance and identify areas for improvement. By accurately tracking the time technicians spend working, waiting or idle, the software provides an at-a-glance assessment of utilisation, productivity and efficiency. The software can also be used to calculate a workshop's - and an individual technician's - labour recovery rates.

Electronic job cards within TeamView enable workshop managers to specify exactly what work needs to be carried out on a vehicle, and technicians can record notes on jobs they are working on.

Nathan Fothergill, sales manager at MAM Software, said: "The combination of tools offered by TeamView gives users the ability to act on the here and now, while making efficiency improvements for the future.

"TeamView enables workshop managers to overcome bottlenecks and ensure jobs flow smoothly. The software provides them with the information they need to tweak their workflow accordingly, which will ultimately improve a garage's bottom line."

TeamView is an optional module for Autowork Online. For further information, visit

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