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Kerridge Commercial Systems UK Leadership Team take on 'Move for Mind 30 day challenge'

Kerridge Commercial Systems UK Leadership Team take on 'Move for Mind 30 day challenge'

Move for Mind

At Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) our people are at the very heart of our business and we recognise mental health issues are a normal part of life. We all have a personal responsibility to look after our own wellbeing as well as the mental health of those who we work with and care for. As a Leadership Team in the UK business, we continuously work towards ensuring we do the best for our people. Being in a pandemic and now in a third national lockdown, supporting our people has never been more important.

We recognise the importance of charities such as the mental health charity, Mind, who provide vital support to the UK population. During the pandemic, Mind has seen depression rates double, record numbers of people in crisis and more calls to its Infoline than ever before. The country is dealing with a mental health emergency. Mind will not give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. KCS fully supports the charity's mantra.

In support of the charity and the great work it does, the KCS UK Leadership Team are taking part in the 'Move for Mind 30 day challenge'. James Mitchell, Managing Director UK & Ireland, explains:

"There are many studies which have shown that doing physical activity can improve mental health, we have chosen to get behind this fantastic charity and volunteer our time to help promote this crucial message. Importantly in doing so, we are hoping to raise money for Mind so it can continue its vital work in supporting the nation's mental health."

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