Central Billing System

Manage products and prices centrally and collate members’ sales transaction data into a single consolidated monthly invoice

What is Central Billing System?

The MAM Central Billing System allows membership organisations (such as trade groups) to manage their national account business. It enables the central administration of products and prices to ensure each member company supplies the agreed items at the correct cost. It will collate transaction data from all members and provide a single consolidated monthly invoice to national account customers. The Central Billing System will automatically synchronise with members’ MAM applications to update product information and collect transaction data.

Key features

  • Limit sales to agreed products
  • Suggest approved alternatives
  • Restrict non-stock items
  • Enforce contracted prices
  • Impose order numbers
  • MAM system integration
  • Sync members’ product data
  • Secure internet portal
  • Collate transaction data
  • Consolidated invoicing

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