Lamb's Tire & Automotive

VAST helps Lamb's Tire & Automotive increase effeciency across the company


Lamb's was utilizing a well-known tire and auto service dealer point of sale system. They had been running this system since 2009 so there was quite a bit of history there. When Lamb's brought in new leadership, they began to really take a look at efficiencies and processes. Based on their plans for growth, they felt their current platform was not a good fit for their strategic vision. 

Their search for a new point of sales system began slowly in 2014 and they purchased VAST Enterprise in June of 2015. "We always thought of VAST as being the Cadillac of point of sale systems." said Andrew Temple, Director of Operations at Lamb's Tire. 


Lamb's Tire considered a number of other solutions and selected MAM Software's VAST Enterprise point of sale system because of its ease of use, adaptability and efficiency for their business processes. The accounting features offered in VAST cut down greatly on the amount of duplicate steps and paperwork being done on the previous system. 

"VAST Enterprise offers a true accounting system," said Andrew Temple "We were basically running our company out of Excel. Purchasing VAST Enterprise was a huge investment, but a step we had to take to move the company forward."

Jim Ramsey added, "Having a system that allows our managers the opportunity to manage inventory is a plus. This feature allows our managers to truly understand the importance of keeping up on a day-to-day basis. This system has helped our store managers become better business managers."

The system-generated canned reports have been a game changer for Lamb's business. These reports allow all employees to see what is going on in their day-to-day business without relying on one person to generate this report. 

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