Discover the fast, secure way to sell products online 24 hours a day – with simplified invoicing and payment processing

Selling your products online via an easy-to-use and accessible web shop can significantly increase your sales and revenue without having to expand your product range. 

Whether you’re a wholesaler selling to trade customers or a dealer or merchant selling direct to consumers, the 24-hour sales opportunities offered by e-commerce can quickly expand your customer base, with minimal extra work from you.

Secure online sales made simple

MAM Software has developed a suite of advanced e-commerce solutions for both wholesale and retail businesses. These web portals are fully integrated with the MAM Software suite of business-management software, enabling fast, efficient order processing, invoicing and payment handling.

The systems enable you to quickly upload product images and details at any time, ensuring your customers always have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date product information and prices.

Customisable web shops for every business type

MAM Software offers trade and retail versions of two e-commerce systems, one for automotive businesses and one for building supply and general distribution operations.

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