Business Intelligence at your fingertips with Phocas & MAM Software

Posted: 04-09-2019

Phocas data analytics for MAM Software solutions is an easy to use, simple and effective way to get access to the data that really makes your business tick.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of making informed business decisions using real-time data. A BI solution helps decision makers rely less on instinct and perception and more on data. 

Whether you’re analyzing customer purchases, managing stock flow, or evaluating sales team performance, BI finds trends and patterns within your data and uncovers what you need to maximize your company’s bottom line.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business - identify trends in your data by asking the right questions
  • Real-time reporting & analysis - easily track company KPIs to understand performance
  • Empower your organization - create a single source for sharing real-time data within your company, improve collaboration and decision making
  • Improve company performance - data-driven decision-making leads to improved performance efficiency

Does your business lack actionable data? Do you have reporting bottlenecks? Has your business “hit the wall” with Excel? Could your business benefit from a customizable dashboard view of company performance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to look at Business Intelligence from Phocas and MAM Software.

Got Data? Get Results.

Phocas data analytics empowers users to analyze data within an intuitive user interface of visualizations, dashboards and results-driven collaboration. The solution enables you to carry out ad-hoc data interrogation, associate and consolidate data, identify trends, conduct modeling and stay ahead of the competition.

Phocas facilitates mashups of data across all data sources from within MAM Software solutions (such as sales data, purchasing data, order data, budget data and financials), as well as from CRM, Cloud, Marketing systems and even spreadsheets.

The Phocas and MAM Software integration provides users with prebuilt analytic views for core modules such as:

  • Sales – are your sales going up or down? See it all on sales dashboards or with ad hoc analysis.
  • Purchasing – are you buying the right products to meet customer demand? General ledger – perform margin analysis – get a real-time picture of business profitability – new financial reporting enhancements
  • Inventory – are your stock turns optimized? Where is your slow-moving stock?
  • A/R – don’t miss out on payments owed by knowing at a glance what you are expecting to receive
  • A/P – negotiate better payment terms with data and never again miss a fast-pay discount

“The information that Phocas provides us in minutes would take days crunching numbers any other way. It has become extremely valuable to us because it enables us to make strategic decisions with accurate information every day. We are now able to use that data to make decisions on inventory, customer’s buying habits, category management, etc,” stated Rich Johnston - Professional Parts, Inc.

"Phocas’ expertise in the business intelligence world made teaming up a solid partnership choice, and our combined services will ensure our customers can continue to drive their business performance," stated Al Neal, VP of Sales - MAM Software

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