WMS Receive Count Confirm (RCC)

The WMS Receive Count Confirm (RCC) module offers capabilities to mange receiving, stock taking and invoice verification scanning

What is WMS RCC? 

Integrated fully with the Autopart business management system, WMS RCC seamlessly updates your records and optimizes the processes of receiving, counting and verifying parts for dispatch. 

A hand-held PDA is used for all data input, continuously updating your central Autopart system via a Wi-Fi connection. When receiving goods via the hand-held PDA, you can mark purchase orders as "on-site" and scan goods in from there. 

Since multiple users can be scanning in the same order, you are able to use your time more efficiently. Through inventory counting, WMS RCC allows you to scan parts in any order, add parts to the count sheet on the fly, make stock adjustments and finally print labels for each part. 

The WMS RCC will help your business to increase accuracy and improve inventory control, while providing a short learning curve which will help you benefit from the features in no time. 

Who is it for?

  • Automotive parts distributors, jobbers, and retailers
  • Auto service centers and tire retailers

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