Wiygul Implements MAM Software’s VAST Enterprise Solution for Multi-store Management and Centralized Control

Posted: 12-17-2014

Top auto repair and tire company chooses VAST business management software for nine stores to improve performance and profitability

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS), a leading provider of business management solutions, announced Wiygul Automotive Clinic is implementing MAM’s VAST Enterprise at nine stores in Maryland and Virginia to gain centralized control and improve individual store performance and profitability.

The family-owned, multi-store auto repair and tire company based in Virginia recently acquired five new shops in Maryland. Those Maryland stores were running VAST prior to acquisition, and Zack Wiygul, owner of Wiygul Automotive Clinic, decided to try VAST for a year and compare its features to the system running in its other stores. After first-hand experience with VAST, Wiygul noticed the productivity, accuracy and profitability gains they could make with VAST at their other locations.

VAST streamlines processes at the stores and provides Wiygul with comprehensive back-office business management for centralized control and monitoring. The system enables data to be replicated from stores to a central server throughout the day, providing up-to-date information on transactions, inventory, employee performance, and other key metrics. Purchasing, inventory and accounts are managed centrally and all business performance data is accessible for rapid analysis. All sites are also implementing vItemBroker, an e-commerce tool that reduces input errors and improves overall accuracy.

Along with improved inventory and accuracy, Wiygul is seeing improved customer interactions. With VAST they are able to create tire quotes for customers over the phone and provide ‘good, better, best” price options, as well as email the customer details on available items, such as specs and images, within a matter of seconds.

“The VAST solution has so many features that improve our operations – from customer service, to inventory, to our bottom line, and it’s ideal for managing multiple stores,” explained Zack Wiygul, owner of Wiygul Automotive Clinic. “Now that we’ve expanded to nine sites across two states, it’s evident we need a solid, centralized system and VAST has proven to be superior to our old system in every way.”

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