Whitepaper: New Tech Benefits For Automotive Aftermarket Companies

Posted: 09-25-2014

Navigating the sea of new software solutions for the automotive aftermarket can be daunting, and oftentimes the mantra “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” can dictate many companies’ approach to updating software.

However, today’s latest technological advancements are worth reconsidering the old approach. This new technology has changed the way we do business - both by shaping customer expectations and by setting a new standard in efficiency and accuracy. In the automotive aftermarket industry specifically, parts suppliers are under pressure to adapt to customer expectations - such as instant access to information at any time - and to provide a higher level of service.

MAM Software’s latest whitepaper, “New Tech Benefits for Automotive Aftermarket Companies,” outlines a few of the advantages of implementing new technology and provides an explanation of how and why many automotive aftermarket companies are doing so. A number of companies are realizing that not only does today’s software have features that are a great step up from their old system, but they can also implement systems that are specifically tailored to their needs. No longer do they have to begrudgingly adapt to clunky software – they have the ability to utilize a sleek, reactive system that effectively improves overall operational efficiency, and more importantly, adapts to their needs.

The whitepaper also provides tips for those seeking to upgrade their system. MAM understands that many companies have put off upgrading their system for years, maybe even a decade or more. It’s important to remember that not all technology is created equally, and before making any decisions, it’s important to consider various elements of the upgrade process, such as compatibility with both the new software and the company providing the solutions.

To learn more about the advantages of new technology and receive tips on choosing the right solution, click the link below to download MAM’s “New Tech Benefits For Automotive Aftermarket Companies” whitepaper.

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