Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Improve stock flow and inventory management in warehouses of all sizes with MAM's Warehouse Management Software (WMS). The system manages all warehouse activities, from goods receipt to picking and shipment, optimizing your processes and maintaining accurate, up-to-date stock records

What is Warehouse Management Software?

The Warehouse Management Software (WMS) module offers extensive capabilities to manage stock movements throughout your warehouse, giving you a clear, accurate picture of warehouse inventory at all times.

Integrated fully with the Autopart business management system, WMS seamlessly updates your records and optimizes the flow of goods through your warehouse. The system simplifies the management of all warehouse activities, from goods receipt and putaway to picking, packing and shipment. A hand-held PDA and scanner is used for all data input, continuously updating your central software system via a wireless connection. A user-friendly dashboard provides up-to-the-minute status and audit reports.

Who is it for?

  • Automotive parts distributors, jobbers and retailers
  • Auto service centers and tyre retailers

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Optimized goods flow
  • Improved record keeping and inventory management
  • Increased warehouse efficiency
  • Improved audit accuracy

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