Visit MAM Software at the National Pronto Fall Sales & Marketing Conference

Posted: 09-20-2018

Autopart to be presented by MAM Software at the next Pronto meeting in San Antonio, TX.

BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania — MAM Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS) will be exhibiting once again at the National Pronto Fall Sales & Marketing Conference in San Antonio, TX on September 26-28.

“The Pronto show has always been a great event for MAM Software and I am sure this fall will be no exception. We are looking forward to demonstrating the latest features from our Autopart software as well as Autocat, a new addition to our suite of electronic parts catalog solutions to the Pronto group.” said Dominick Paraschak, National Account Manager - MAM Software

The Autocat catalog is a new addition to our suite of catalog solutions and utilizes cloud technology to help manufacturers publish their data on a frequent basis, meaning warehouse distributors, retailers, jobbers and service dealers have access to up-to-date product information. Manufacturers and suppliers can submit data using both ACES and PIES delivery specifications, which is then verified and standardized before being published to the cloud.

Professional Parts, Inc. is a family owned and operated automotive parts wholesale distributor headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. They are a member of the National Pronto Association and have 3 locations servicing the Pittsburgh area. They have been using Autopart (business management software) and Autocat (electronic parts catalog) since September 2014.

“The combination of Autopart and Autocat has been excellent. At the point of sale, having an accurate and up to date catalog, can often be the difference between making the sale or sending the customer to a competitor. The ability to edit the catalog with custom notes is also a great tool in keeping our catalog accurate. If the manufacturer makes an error, we can add a note to let our counter people know there is a potential issue. If you are looking for a new system or struggling with your current one, you need to take a look at MAM Software and their Autopart and Autocat solutions.” Rich Johnston - Owner, Professional Parts Inc.

Autocat is fully integrated with MAM Software'sAutopart business management software andOpenWebs B2B e-commerce solution. Stop by our booth to learn more and speak to a representative.

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