VAST Retread

A proven plant-management system for tire retreading plants, automating and integrating core processes to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and enhance quality assurance. The easy-to-implement system is well-established, with users across Europe and the Americas

What is VAST Retread?

VAST Retread is a tried and tested retread plant-management system, widely used across Europe, North America andSouth America. The software seamlessly integrates your production plant processes with your office and warehouse functions, helping to optimize your processes and improve productivity. It provides real-time information to production control, which is the key to efficient process planning and management.

The user-friendly Windows-based system is quick and easy to implement and can be integrated into existing systems. It’s a flexible solution that can be adapted to your specific business needs, and is easily extended as your enterprise grows.

Who is it for?

Single or multi-location tire retreading plants. 

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Increased process efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Improved quality assurance.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

What does VAST Retread offer?

Process optimization 

VAST Retread controls and documents the entire tire retreading process, from the receipt of casings to delivery of the finished product – for both pre-cure and mold-cure environments. The system uses recorded historic data to optimize the retreading process within your plant, integrating your back-office, warehouse and production plant systems. It significantly reduces administrative tasks and provides a wealth of statistical evaluations and reports to help you monitor and improve performance.

Production control 

Production control is at the heart of the VAST Retread solution. Information is gathered in real-time from the production process, giving the production manager instant access to a detailed process overview at all times. This automated data exchange with machines and production lines allows for fast, computer-aided production control. The system incorporates rules to define automated responses in special situations, such as tire resetting, casing failure, change of treads or change of molds. 

Flexibility and scalability

VAST Retread can be adapted to suit different user environments and can grow to meet your changing requirements. New stations can be added to the system, as well as new modules to increase functionality. As well as basic data administration, you can set customized parameters, user administrative rights and plausibility checks. Multiple data interfaces enable communication with existing IT and ERP systems, integrating VAST Retread fully within your business. 

Supply chain interface 

VAST Retread can be run in stand-alone mode, but it can also be connected to third-party systems, such as your existing ERP or point of sale software. This interfacing capability helps you to seamlessly integrate a whole range of business functions, such as managing raw materials, transferring finished retreads to commercial centers, billing customer orders and automating contract pricing.

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