VAST Online

Advanced point of sale and business-management system for single and multi-location tire and auto service dealers. Developed by industry specialists, the system streamlines and integrates core business processes to improve customer service, productivity and profits

What is VAST Online?

Redesigned from the ground up, VAST Online is the browser-based version of MAM Software’s VAST Enterprise point of sale software for single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops. VAST Online has a modern user interface which maintains a familiar workflow that users are comfortable with and will run smoothly on a desktop or tablet. 

As a cloud hosted solution, software updates and back-ups happen automatically and seamlessly in a secure data center. With its seamless connectivity to MAM Software’s e-commerce solution, shops can instantly see part and tire availability at participating suppliers, and place hot-shot orders from directly within a work order.

Who is it for?

Single or multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Streamlined estimating process.
  • Increased productivity and profitability.
  • Improved labor productivity.
  • Enhanced customer service.

What does VAST Online offer?

Quote & Sell Tires

VAST Online’s tire selling tools were designed by industry professionals who recognize the difference between giving quick quotes on the phone to encourage a visit, versus the in-store process of offering the right tire based on the customer’s driving habits and performance criteria. Maximize profit margins by selling the right tire.

Repair Estimating

VAST Online has an assortment of easy to use estimating tools to increase average profit for repair orders, ensure consistent pricing and achieve desired margins. It also allows users to capture up-sell opportunities with package jobs, complete factory maintenance services, and automate shop supply, disposal and environmental fees.

Connection to Part & Tire Suppliers

VAST Online’s seamless connection to part and tire suppliers enables users to see inventory and place orders in seconds, from directly within a work order. VAST Online enables the buying and selling of parts and tires via the internet. Increase profits by taking advantage of discounts offered by many national and local suppliers by doing hot-shot and stock orders, from within VAST Online.

Business Reporting

Owners and managers have access to tailored reporting that provides the information needed to reward performance and make timely decisions. Key features include pop-up graphs and sales performance by date range, including monthly and yearly sales comparisons to last year and to budget. Numerous outside purchase reports to monitor and control buyouts, including core tracking and vendor statement reconciliation.

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