VAST Enterprise update meets new credit card liability rules

Posted: 01-14-2016

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS), a leading provider of business management solutions for the automotive aftermarket, released an update of its VAST Enterprise software for auto parts retailers and tire dealers. A key new feature is VAST Enterprise’s ability to process chip-enabled credit cards, which can reduce retailers’ exposure to credit card fraud liability.

“VAST’s new Point-of-Sale feature uses the Ingenico Signature Capture, which can use chip-enabled devices and applications to process payment transactions,” explained Lance Brierley, MAM Software’s director of product management. “This is proving important in the retail world because last October, the liability for counterfeit credit card use shifted to the merchants from the customers in certain cases, unless they have upgraded their software to use chip-enabled devices.”

For existing VAST Enterprise customers, the upgrade is part of their MAM maintenance agreement.

Other VAST Enterprise 8.2 upgrades include lost sales reporting and a lost opportunity report. The latter report tracks former repeat customers who appear appear to have chosen to go elsewhere. This report would be run to see which frequent, repeat customers have not visited over a certain time period.

“This can give dealers the opportunity to follow up with their customer to demonstrate their ongoing commitment and work to win them back,” Brierley said.

Another convenient, optional addition is the STOCKTAKE application. This new mobile app allows wholesalers and retailers to take inventory electronically, passing the information directly to the database. This can improve accuracy, reduce inventory time and eliminate much of the data entry needed. It replaces the paper account sheet with scanning.

Additional VAST Enterprise 8.2 features include:

  • Customer sales – a report breaking down parts and labor.
  • Gross Margin Indicator – this indicator displays if a product is not in a customer’s predetermined GM. A GM indicator now displays for each of these products on a work order.
  • The ability to send VAST emails via Office 365
  • Use of Multiple Invoice Types – Specific dealer types now can use multiple invoice types.
  • EPadLink signature capture integration – MAM has provided integration to existing EPadLink signature capture devices. It is to be used for work order approvals and final invoicing.

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