University of the Aftermarket Foundation

As a Lifetime Trustee, MAM Software is proud to be associated with an organization like the University of the Aftermarket Foundation that provides valuable support to our industry in the form of education and training. 

About the foundation

Since 1986, the University of the Aftermarket Foundation has funded millions of dollars of scholarships, grants, research and ongoing educational programs to help develop a strong, knowledgeable aftermarket workforce. The foundation encourages industry support, including donations for the purpose of honoring or memorializing individuals or otherwise recognizing special events, to help ensure the continued availability of training and education that strengthen the industry. The University of the Aftermarket Foundation is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. For more information, visit

What does the foundation do?

  • Funds the AAP and MAAP certification programs and course development for the University of the Aftermarket
  • Provides recognition platforms
  • Supports multiple industry education initiatives
  • Promotes industry career opportunities
  • Provides scholarships for technical careers, aftermarket professional careers and support of continued education for industry professionals

Who can benefit from donations?

  • All aftermarket participants as the foundation supports multiple industry initiatives
  • Sons, daughters, and employees of industry participants as donors support scholarships for continued eduction
  • Individuals planning careers in the automotive industry in any professional category such as sales, marketing, finance, IT, etc.
  • Individuals pursuing technical career in maintenance and repair, collision, diesel, performance, or specialty
  • Anyone that you want to recognize or support

What better way to secure the future than supporting industry education through scholarships?

The University of the Aftermarket Foundation, together with the recently merged Global Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship program, awarded 302 scholarships worth over $450,100 in 2018 alone. Students are granted scholarships through several selection committees, comprised of industry volunteers, who review hundreds of applications, bios, essays, references and transcripts posted through its website. Thousands of students have benefitted since the program's inception. 

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