Product Cataloging

Simplify and accelerate online parts ordering and sales with user-friendly, quality-assured product cataloging systems 

Online product catalogs are an essential cog in the automotive aftermarket machine. Whether you’re a busy parts retailer requiring instant access to product prices and information, or a component supplier keen to offer your latest products to the widest possible customer base, your business relies on accessible and easy-to-use online catalogs.

Online cataloging solutions for buyers and sellers

The MAM Software Autocat catalog enables jobbers and parts retailers to easily find and order parts in a user-friendly online environment. Data quality and validity is assured by thorough system checks, and products can be searched using a variety of criteria.

Such easy access to parts information simplifies and accelerates component ordering, as well as enabling buyers to quickly compare prices and products from multiple suppliers. 

For automotive component suppliers, the Automate data-management tool enables you to quickly and easily populate the Autocat catalog with your product details. You can upload product images, specifications and prices to ensure customer always have access to the most up-to-date information. 

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