Prepare for SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 end of support

Microsoft is ending support for two of its most common server products: SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.

What are the dangers?

As part of its lifecycle support policy, Microsoft regularly issues updates and fixes to its software to keep its products current.

When a product reaches End-of-Life (EOL), Microsoft stops issuing updates, which can make the operating system unstable, unreliable, or unsecure. Antivirus and security software becomes ineffective and your entire corporate infrastructure can be vulnerable.

Even if the technology is performing well now, companies that continue to use EOL operating systems are at increased risk of being exposed to viruses and hackers without access to security updates and fixes.

Furthermore, new server and SQL versions often remove old obsolete functionality, while adding new features. We are therefore constantly adapting our products to make sure they are compatible with Microsoft's latest systems. As a result, we cannot guarantee that future release of our applications will continue to work with outdated servers and SQL products.

Options for your business

You have two options once the support comes to an end: replace your existing on-premise servers with the latest versions, or move to the cloud.

Many businesses are choosing cloud hosting for the flexibility and convenience it offers.

The cloud is favored for its low startup costs; the subscription model alleviates the burden of updates and maintenance as the servers are located off site. Remote storage also better protects company data against a range of physical threats such as fire, flood and theft.

Information is backed up on a regular basis, making restoration simple should it ever be needed.

Act now

Upgrading to a new server before support ends can avoid disruption to your business, while helping you adopt innovative technologies to drive you forward. Support for SQL Server 2008 ends this summer; migrating to a new server can take some time, so users are advised to upgrade their systems sooner rather than later.

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