Precision Franchising

Precision Franchising uses VAST to increase tire sales and automate processes


With such a large network of stores, Precision has demanding software requirements for both individual store operational efficiencies and corporate management. At the stores, building estimates was manual and inconsistent. Personnel would build estimates by calling multiple parts suppliers, mark-up parts with a calculator, and often handwrite the recommended jobs and customer price. Later, the information would be entered into the POS system. This process wasted valuable time and opened the door for errors. On the corporate front, there was an overriding lack of efficiency and consistency when managing data across multiple locations. Each store operated as a unique system, without a corporate server controlling each location’s service packages, pricing and inventory. This decentralization made it very difficult for corporate management to get a clear analysis of performance and realize the true potential for the business.


Download the full case study to find out how Precision Franchising used VAST Enterprise Retail to:

  • Automate pricing 
  • Improve estimating accuracy and consistency 
  • Streamline processes and productivity 
  • Increase tire sales 
  • Automate parts ordering 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Access real-time data 

Click the link below to receive the full case study:

Precision Franchising case study

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