OpenWebs B2C

Versatile e-commerce system for tire wholesalers and dealers, opening up 24-hour sales opportunities to build stronger customer relationships and win new business. The easy-to-use web shop allows customers to view real-time inventory and prices, and book appointments online 

What is OpenWebs B2C?

With customers increasingly shopping for products and services via the internet, the OpenWebs product suite gives you the online presence you need to remain competitive. Your OpenWebs B2C e-commerce platform will enable customers to search for tires, check prices, make appointments and place orders securely online.

The OpenWebs B2C e-commerce solution can be configured for retail or wholesale businesses, and is designed to help drive more customers to your store or your dealers’ stores. It makes your products available to a wide customer base 24 hours a day, helping to boost sales revenue.

Who is it for?

Tire dealers and wholesalers. 

What are the benefits to your business?

  • 24-hour tire sales.
  • Enhanced customer service.
  • Increased sales revenue.
  • Simplified ordering and appointment booking.

What does OpenWebs B2C offer?

Wholesale option

Tire wholesalers can use OpenWebs B2C to support dealers’ e-commerce activities and build stronger dealer relationships. By making your large inventory of products available online via dealers’ websites, you open up opportunities for dealers to better serve their customers. You simply provide dealers with an applet that can be integrated into their websites, giving customers access to real-time information from your inventory. With minimal input from you, orders placed online will flow directly into your dealers’ selling systems or into their accounts on your B2B system.

Retail option

If you’re a tire dealer selling direct to the public, the OpenWebs B2C retail option provides a 24-hour sales channel for customers. It can help to enhance existing customer relationships and attract new customers shopping online. Customers can search your inventory, and the inventories of your selected wholesale partners, via your web portal. They can select their chosen tire, choose a location, make an appointment and print out a quote, which appears directly in your system.

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