Midtown Tire Achieves Success with MAM CarSide

Posted: 11-08-2017

Tire and automotive services provider sees over 5% revenue increase per vehicle using VAST Enterprise and MAM CarSide Integration

BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania — MAM Software, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS) is pleased to report that Georgia-based tire and automotive repair shop, Midtown Tire, has seen an increase in revenue and customer trust since using the digital vehicle inspection app, MAM CarSide for MAM Software’s business management system, VAST Enterprise.

Midtown Tire has been utilizing VAST Enterprise since 2012 to manage its back-office operations across its five locations which service the Atlanta, Acworth and Lawrenceville, Georgia areas. Operating since 1992, the company strives to be an unmatched leader in providing customers with the best tire and automotive service.

MAM CarSide is a tablet app for carrying out digital vehicle inspections. The app integrates seamlessly with MAM Software’s business management system, VAST Enterprise, and allows technicians to compile digital reports including images and videos which can be sent to customers including a list of recommended repairs.

Prior to using MAM CarSide, Midtown Tire had established a clipboard process for inspections, but had difficulties maintaining consistency across all vehicles. The company reviewed several digital vehicle inspection apps before eventually choosing MAM CarSide for its ease of use, intuitive functionality and integration with its VAST Enterprise system.

"It was important that whatever digital vehicle inspection app we chose was going to integrate with our VAST Enterprise system to maintain an efficient workflow,” as Steve Sweat, General Manager of Midtown Tire explains.

“The biggest benefit of using MAM CarSide is the added boost to customer trust that our team now gets. Retail customers are very impressed with the new level of communication that MAM CarSide lets us provide. Customers now receive photos and videos of the services required and it just makes calls with them so much easier and quicker!”

“In the first 12 weeks of using MAM CarSide we saw our average revenue go up over 5% per vehicle and we expect this will continue to climb as our team gets more experienced using it.”

"We have been using features in MAM CarSide to gain better insights into our staff. For example, the Analytics Export function lets us check on how staff members are doing in every store, which techs are taking the most photos and which advisors are sending out the reports."

"I would recommend to any business, that now is the right time to get started with digital inspections before you are left behind."

"As the integration grows with VAST Enterprise, the tool will continually get stronger. We are now a leader in our field through the help of MAM Software and we will solidify this position though the newest integration with MAM CarSide.”

Kimberly Campbell is a Service Advisor at Midtown Tire who has been working in the auto service industry for nine years. When speaking about how MAM CarSide has helped her in her day-to-day responsibilities, she said: "MAM CarSide makes my follow-up calls with customers shorter as they have been able to make up their minds about what services they would like before I contact them."

"We don't upsell - we educate," Kimberly added. "Our communication with our customers is just so much more clear now than before. We took to using MAM CarSide quickly thanks to how easy it is to use and I can't imagine going back to using pen and paper."

"We're delighted that MAM CarSide has made a significant impact at Midtown Tire," said John Fischer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MAM Software.

"As well as increasing revenue, Midtown Tire have utilized the seamless integration with VAST Enterprise to streamline and improve consistency with its vehicle inspection procedure and greatly improve its customer service."

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