Max Finkelstein, Inc. Connects with Customers and Improves Efficiency with MAM Software’s OpenWebs Solution

Posted: 11-25-2014

Major US tire distributor uses MAM’s wholesaler e-commerce solution to easily integrate with retailers and streamline sales process

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS), a leading global provider of on-premise and cloud-based business management solutions for the auto parts, tire and vertical distribution industries, has announced Max Finkelstein, Inc. a major tire wholesaler in the Northeast United States, has implemented MAM Software’s wholesaler e-commerce solution OpenWebs.

The OpenWebs B2B Commerce Platform software is designed to enable businesses throughout the automotive tire and servicing supply chain to collaborate and transact online, 24 hours a day. The system facilitates online collaboration and sales between warehouse distributors, parts stores (jobbers), tire wholesalers and tire and auto service stations and their customers. The system’s modules and open architecture provide users with a single solution for all e-commerce requirements, from online inquiries and ordering, to secure trading and accounting functions.  

Max Finkelstein, Inc. implemented the MAM OpenWebs platform in June 2014 to integrate and streamline order processing for their dealers. Retailers already using MAM’s VAST Enterprise solution benefit from Max Finkelstein, Inc. also using MAM’s platform with direct integration, real-time product information and accurate pricing. With the new e-commerce solution, all of Max Finkelstein Inc.’s retail customers who already use VAST software now have the ability to search for and purchase tires within one streamlined and user-friendly system.

“The new system has really allowed us to work more efficiently with retailers by streamlining and simplifying the searching, estimating and sales processes,” explained Dale Gallear, Director of Business for Max Finkelstein, Inc.  “More and more of our customers are using MAM’s VAST Enterprise software, and we found that by using the same platform, we’ve made our company and our products more accessible to our customers.”

“Since there are over 3,000 installations of VAST at automotive and tire retailers, wholesalers like Max Finkelstein, Inc. are recognizing that having the same platform as their customers brings a real competitive edge,” said John Fischer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MAM Software.  “OpenWebs has emerged as the standard in the industry because it provides the electronic integration and streamlines communications and processes for wholesalers and their customers.”

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