MAM Software Partners with Clutch to help customers drive loyalty

Posted: 06-15-2017

New technology integration gives auto service centers the tools to personalize offers and drive loyalty

BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania — MAM Software, Inc. ("MAM Software"), a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. ("MAM") (NASDAQ Capital Market: MAMS) announced today that they will be partnering with Clutch to help customers drive loyalty.

More than three out of four mechanics estimate that vehicle owners spend an extra $100 per visit to fix problems caused by delayed maintenance. Now, auto service centers have better tools to identify, understand, and connect with those customers. A new partnership between MAM Software and customer management and marketing analytics company, Clutch, makes it easy for auto service centers to send customers personalized communications and offers based on their vehicle’s specific needs and driving habits.

“This integration helps independent shops and chains go beyond the old “spray-and-pray” database marketing that blanketed neighborhoods in coupons for oil changes or brake pads,” said Lance Brierley, General Manager at MAM Software. “Service shops will know what their customers need, when they need it and be able to act on that information to drive sales.”

Clutch has combined its comprehensive customer management platform with MAM’s VAST POS and business management system. The integration, currently leveraged by major automotive retailers, enables VAST users to take advantage of the data stored in their POS systems to inform automated, personalized marketing outreach and loyalty programs.

Users can take data stored in their POS system, like vehicle information, make and model, along with its service history, and combine that with variables used by Clutch, like recency, frequency, and monetary spending habits, to target customers. Using mileage data, service centers might know when a customer is due for a new timing belt. The shop could send a reminder one month, or combine a reminder with a coupon for an oil change. Using location data, national chains can segment customers in snow-prone zip codes, and send them reminders it’s time to put on snow tires.

“This partnership helps service managers get a hold of their customer data and service history to identify, understand, and motivate their customers.” said Ned Moore, CEO at Clutch. “That’s a huge competitive advantage when it comes to courting fickle consumers who are numb to mass-blast mailers.”

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Clutch’s Integrated Customer Management platform delivers customer intelligence and personalized engagements B2C brands to identify, understand and motivate each segment of their customer base. Its advanced marketing platform integrates customer data across point-of-sale, ecommerce, mobile and social channels, delivering personalized engagements and increasing the value of each customer. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, Clutch’s solutions impact over 65 million consumers of over 800 brands. Clutch is a proud partner of Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE:SFE), NewSpring Capital and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. For more information visit, follow Clutch Holdings on LinkedIn or @ClutchSuccess on Twitter.

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