MAM Software Partners with BizNet for Microsoft Excel Reporting with Autopart Business Management Software

Posted: 04-19-2016

Auto shops and parts stores using Autopart business management software can analyze business metrics and make important business decisions with the BizInsight Excel suite

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS), a leading provider of business management solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with BizNet Software, a market leader for Microsoft Excel cloud reporting and business intelligence. The BizInsight Excel Suite leverages the power of Excel to aggregate data in real time, design and create up-to-the-minute reports, and send those reports in a multitude of formats.

The partnership allows MAM’s Autopart users a real-time connection to the MAM Autopart database for live access enabling the most accurate and current data in Excel-based spreadsheets. Similar to Microsoft FRx (software for financial reporting and analysis in small- to medium-sized organizations), BizInsight delivers actual Excel functions that understand your General Ledger and other applications. BizBroadcast provides an automated way to publish selected worksheets and workbooks to specific individuals in multiple formats.

Other key elements of BizNet Software include:

  • 100% Excel User-Interface
  • Real Time In-Memory Analytics
  • Drag and Drop Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Multi-Dimensional Drill Downs
  • Leverage Existing Spreadsheets
  • No Additional Hardware Necessary
  • Automated Report Distribution Tailored to Each Recipient with a Single Click

George McMann, Founder and CEO, BizNet Software sees mutual real benefit in the partnership. “Our industry standards for reporting solutions align with the goal of MAM Software to deliver business solutions to help growing companies align business processes with technology to achieve their goals. MAM Software customers will benefit from accessing a reporting solution that is both highly intuitive and powerful, and developed specifically for distributing and transferring data in the most widely used reporting solution of all – Microsoft Excel.”

“Autopart users have consistently told us they need advanced reporting functionalities,” said Lance Brierley, Director of Product Management for MAM Software. “It’s important we partner with vendors that meet the needs of our customer base, which vary greatly from business to business. We knew BizNet Software would help Autopart users analyze their data to make better business decisions and look forward to implementing the our partnership.”

To introduce Autopart users and interested parties to BizNet Software’s features, MAM Software will host a webinar and live demo on Wednesday, April 27th, from 2-3PM Eastern.

About BizNet Software

BizNet Software, Inc. is a market leader for Microsoft Excel in-memory, cloud-enabled reporting and business intelligence. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet Software focuses on Microsoft Excel reporting solutions guided by financial and business professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements. The BizNet Software Excel Suite is the most innovative and intuitive reporting solution on the market. It creates a user-friendly, drag and drop environment with real time access to the most accurate and current data. Built upon fundamental business disciplines and controls, BizNet Software solutions make it easy for Microsoft Excel users to connect, analyze, and share real time information. BizNet Software Software is endorsed by over 200 partners, 15 software publishers, and currently has over 20,000 users in over 2,100 companies in 30 different countries.

Microsoft® and Excel® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. For more information, visit or call 888-803-5227.

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