MAM Software Integrates Squarerigger, Inc.’s Opti-Tread Tire Audit System with VAST Enterprise Point of Sale

Posted: 07-19-2016

Portable audit system to increase tire dealers’ service levels and software ROI

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS) and Squarerigger, Inc. announce the integration of Squarerigger's portable Opti-Tread Tire Audit System with MAM Software's advanced VAST point of sale and business management software for single and multi-location tire and auto service dealers.

Opti-Tread is credited, by its users, with significant increases in both tire and alignment revenue and customer satisfaction at both retail tire dealers and auto dealerships. Opti-Tread's lightweight portable system allows vehicle tire inspections to be performed in drive-up service lanes, in service bays, out in the parking lot, or wherever the car may be located. In addition to indicating abnormal wear patterns caused by underbody, alignment or inflation issues, Opti-Tread's patent-pending ability to point out tires with nails introduces a new revenue stream for dealers. The robust system offers an alternative to systems costing ten times more.

“The Opti-Tread integration will offer even more features that help VAST users improve customer satisfaction,” said Lance Brierley, General Manager of MAM Software, North America. “We selectively work with partners whose services complement our already comprehensive point of sale software, so we have high confidence in what Opti-Tread will provide to our customers.”

Now that Opti-Tread passes its inspection results directly to the VAST system installed on a tablet, the customer service representative can increase the level of service to his customer while further increasing the ROI on the dealership's investment in VAST.

For more information about how to get Opti-Tread for your instance, please click here to email MAM Software or call (734) 589-8095.

For more information about Opti-Tread, click here to email Squarerigger, Inc. or call (360) 698-3562.

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MAM Software is a leading global provider of on-premise and cloud-based business management solutions for the auto parts, tire and vertical distribution industries. The company provides a portfolio of innovative software (SaaS and packaged), data (DaaS), and integration (iPaaS) services that enable businesses to intelligently manage core business processes, control costs and generate new profit opportunities. MAM's integrated platforms provide a wealth of rich functionality including: point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing, reporting, data and e-commerce. Wholesale, retail and installer business across North America, the U.K. and Ireland rely on MAM solutions, backed by dedicated teams of experienced service and support professionals. For further information, please visit

About Squarerigger, Inc.

Squarerigger, Inc. has been providing transportation solutions for commercial trucking companies, utility companies, schools and universities since 1986. In addition to the Opti-Tread line of automobile tire audit systems, Squarerigger's products include the Revolution commercial tire audit system and its flagship product SQ.7 fleet maintenance system.

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