Lee Broad appointed Chief Technology Officer for MAM Software Group, Inc.

Posted: 08-20-2013

Senior appointment demonstrates continued progress in positioning MAM Software as a leading player in the global business software sector

MAM Software Group, Inc. today announced the appointment of Lee Broad as MAM Software Group’s new Chief Technology Officer.

Mr Broad will be responsible for driving research and development, and technology innovation efforts across the group. His focus is to provide additional vision and executive leadership for continued enhancement of MAM’s business management and data solutions. He will take a primary role in the continued development of MAM’s cloud and mobile solutions.

“Mr Broad has been with MAM for over 20 years developing systems for the automotive aftermarket,” said Mike Jamieson, CEO at MAM Software. “He has provided us with invaluable expertise that has helped us to grow our business, achieve ambitious goals and we are now delighted to announce that Mr Broad will assume the role as Chief Technology Officer.”

“I am extremely delighted to take on this new role to help MAM Software with its innovative efforts in breaking into new markets and developing an array of new products,” said Lee Broad. “We’re experiencing very exciting times at MAM, with continued product development and a suite of mobile applications on the horizon.”

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