Hawaii Tire/Lex Brodie's Tire Stores

VAST helps Lex Brodie’s Tire Stores grow revenue and create better customer relationships


Hawaii Tire was using a dated point of sale system that wasn’t able to manage all the areas of the business. The system was designed to manage tire sales and accounting, but as Hawaii Tire evolved to offer additional services and repairs, the system wasn’t capable of managing those areas. Estimating was manual and problematic, and employees were stuck redoing work regularly. Stability was also an issue due to connectivity issues in Hawaii. Hawaii Tire needed a backup plan to compensate for intermittent Internet connectivity and power outages. Plus, the computer system looked dated in the customer showroom with clunky monitors, old keyboards and green screens, which didn’t fit the modern image Hawaii Tire wanted to portray.


Find out how Josh used VAST to:

  • Increase revenue 
  • Improve margins 
  • Improve estimating accuracy and consistency 
  • Streamline efficiency and productivity 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Decrease returns

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Lex Brodie's Tire Store case study

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