Cellphone and Tablet Apps

Expand the capabilities of your MAM business management solution (MAM BMS) with our range of cellphone and tablet apps

Our range of intuitive and simple-to-use cellphone and tablet apps seamlessly integrate with your MAM BMS to provide additional functionality while away from your desk.


MAM SalesRep is a feature-rich tablet app that empowers your field-based sales representatives to strengthen customer relationships and improve productivity.

It communicates directly with your MAM BMS solution via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, enabling your staff to access account information, customer notes and transaction history. They can check pricing, view stock availability, raise orders and implement price overrides directly from the app. It also allows your staff to conduct impress or managed stock checks and create replenishment orders. Details of visits and calls can be logged on the app and synced instantly with your branch or head office.

Available for iPad and selected Android tablets.

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