Business Intelligence

With instant access to essential business data you can save time on data analysis and improve your performance

Easy access to key business performance data is essential to the efficient, profitable running of any enterprise. If you are able to review, analyze and compare data easily, you can quickly identify trends and areas for improvement and take effective action to ensure you meet your targets.

Time-saving business intelligence support

When you’re running a busy customer-facing operation, it can be difficult to take time out to properly analyze your figures. That’s when the comprehensive business intelligence capabilities of Phocas Business Intelligence can really make a difference to your performance.

By integrating Phocas Business Intelligence with MAM Software’s business management systems, you’ll have instant access to the most up-to-date information on your company’s performance across a whole range of criteria. Using an intuitive dashboard navigation tool, you will be able to view and compare data in a range of easy-to-interpret graphs, charts and tables – making data analysis easier than ever.

Tailor performance reporting to your requirements 

You can specify the key performance indicators for your business, so the system reports on the figures that are most important to you. The intelligent software will also monitor your data and alert you to any anomalies that fall outside pre-set parameters. 

The result for you is less time spent poring over your figures, and more time to spend on revenue-generating activity – with the peace of mind that your performance is being monitored constantly by Phocas Business Intelligence.

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