Big City Automotive Partners with MAM Software to Enhance Customer Experience and Boost Profitability

Posted: 07-14-2016

16 locations to install Autopart business management software

MAM Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS) announced that Big City Automotive will implement MAM’s Autopart software solution to manage Big City’s customer service, inventory, purchasing and accounting processes.

A leading provider of business management solutions for automotive supply and repair shops, MAM Software will help Big City streamline operations at its 12 stores, 3 warehouses and office headquarters in New York and New Jersey. Big City anticipates Autopart’s robust reporting capabilities will help them quickly identify trends and confidently make decisions that affect the bottom line.

“The Autopart system impressed us in many ways,” said Ken Maurer, CEO of Big City Automotive. “We expect it will help our employees track and manage inventory more accurately and allow us to continue to provide great service, if not better. That’s so important in controlling costs.”

Maurer said that with MAM’s Autopart, they plan to measure how much time and expenditure goes into each process in the customer service chain.

“We want to be able to analyze from the moment the call comes in, to how long it takes to print the ticket, to pull the part and how long to deliver the part,” he said.

Autopart provides flexible pricing models that are easily managed and seamlessly presented to customers at the point of sale. All prices and discounts are calculated automatically, simplifying transactions for counter staff and enhancing the customer experience.

“We believe that Autopart’s extensive reporting will provide the insight we need to efficiently manage our business,” explained Peter Persaud, Big City’s office manager. “Our current system’s reporting capabilities are very limited and, in many cases, we simply cannot get what we need directly from the system. We end up having to utilize external programming to run multiple reports into a spreadsheet, to generate a consolidated, company-wide view. With Autopart, we’ll be able to generate similar reports we need by the press of a button. Plus, we can customize it for our particular needs.”

“It’s a great tool for our sales team to have on their iPads,” Persaud continued. “A visual aid that both our sales team and the customer can relate to, providing a platform to enhance our business relationship."

“We’re proud of our partnership with Big City Automotive,” said Lance Brierley, General Manager of MAM Software, North America. “At MAM, we're working to help parts distributors and repair shops realize a better bottom line by helping them automate and track a variety of key processes. It all contributes to a better customer experience, which enhances loyalty and profitability.”

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