APW improves order fulfillment and accuracy with Autopart & WMS

Posted: 09-05-2018

North Little Rock (Arkansas) distribution company sees success through the use of Autopart and Warehouse Management Solutions from MAM Software.

BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania — MAM Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS) showcases the power of its Autopart and Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Solutions through the experience of one of their key customers, Alliance Parts Warehouse (APW).

Alliance Parts Warehouse (APW) is a 100% shareholder owned company, and its shareholders are independently owned major automotive parts distribution companies. APW is a distribution business designed to gain efficiencies for shareholders and their vendor channel partners.

Specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket, Autopart is a versatile business management solution that is designed to seamlessly integrate all sales, stock management, accounting and reporting processes into one easy to use package. The integrated WMS module for Autopart, provides extensive functionality from goods receiving and putaway to picking, packing and shipment.

In 2013, APW began the search for an enterprise software with an integrated warehouse management solution (WMS). Various providers and software solutions were vetted and in 2014, APW made the decision to implement MAM Software’s Autopart solution.

Since their implementation in 2014, APW has been able to increase fill rates and had more visibility than with their previous system. They were now able to process orders more quickly and track purchases more efficiently using features like accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, WMS barcode receiving, scanning, inventory and sales analysis. With WMS, APW is now able to better optimize warehouse goods flow and increase traceability and accuracy.

Since adopting Autopart, APW has expanded the overall functionality by implementing integration platforms from MAM Software and third party suppliers. APW currently uses MAM Software’s OpenWebs in conjunction with their own MyPlace4Parts for its e-commerce solution, Phocas for business intelligence reporting, and GCommerce for EDI integration.

“With AutoPart, APW saw an improvement in order fulfillment and accuracy – driven by the real-time nature of the software. Cycle counting alone has saved us a large amount of expense and downtime annually, as we no longer are required to perform annual physical inventories, and our inventory accuracy is well above 99%.” Anne Coffin - Director of Information Technology at APW.

One of the biggest benefits APW has seen is in regards to cycle counting (stock taking). They are no longer required to do annual physical inventories, saving the company a lot of money and downtime. Their inventory accuracy is consistently over 99% now and they are able to accomplish the wall to wall inventory process per quarter, which allows multiple full counts annually. With the WMS integration into Autopart, they are able to manage their inventory better and manage multiple locations for a product with ease.

“Over the past three years, as the MAM Software team has matured with us, our overall experience has been good. We enjoy a good relationship with the MAM Software support team, who definitely want to help improve the experience.”

“APW has been a great partner to work with. They are driven to provide the best possible service to their customers and they effectively work with us to help them achieve that goal. As a supplier to some of the strongest distributors in the automotive aftermarket, they continue to leverage the available technology, and, in the process, make us a better software solution provider.” states Mike Jamieson - CEO at MAM Software.

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