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U.S. AutoForce 2020 Business Conference

See MAM Software at the U.S. AutoForce 2020 Business Conference

US AutoForce 2020

Published February 20, 2020 - U.S. AutoForce 2020 Business Conference will be held on February 26-27 in Wisconsin Dells, WI. MAM Software will once again be exhibiting at the event, showcasing the latest features and functionality of our point of sale solutions, our electronic parts catalog and our digital vehicle inspection solution.

VAST is a point of sale solution designed to optimize business performance and improve customer service practices. The latest version of VAST includes exciting new features such as integration with MAM Software's parts catalog and connectivity solution for tire and auto service dealers, VAST Commerce. Built on MAM Software’s OpenWebs e-commerce and Autocat catalog platforms, VAST Commerce provides users with a single solution for all their connectivity requirements, including online inquiries and ordering.

MAM Software will also be demoing MAM CarSide - a tablet based digital inspection solution that is fully integrated with VAST. Features include two-way integration between VAST and MAM CarSide as well as two-way texting with customers. With two-way integration, users can pull work order status, inventory availability, totals, taxes and declined part information from VAST. Additionally, VAST can now view and import measurements for brake pad thickness, tire pressure and tread depth from MAM CarSide inspection forms.

Additionally, we will be demoing our next-generation point of sale system, VAST Online. The innovative software includes the latest functionality needed by modern tire and auto service businesses, while remaining intuitive and easy to use. VAST Online is accessed via internet browser, with no installation or maintenance required. All data is stored remotely on high-security servers, with automated system updates and daily backups.

“The U.S. AutoForce Business Conference provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our point of sale solutions and our latest product integrations. We've invested a lot of resources into developing new features in our solutions through the help of our customers over the last year and we're excited to showcase them to attendees.” John Fischer, VP of Sales & Marketing - MAM Software.

Stop by our booth at the 2020 U.S. AutoForce Business Conference to find out more!

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