A user-friendly online shopping platform, enabling retailers to increase revenue by selling automotive parts and accessories direct to consumers 24 hours a day. Autopart integration facilitates simple product and image uploading and fast, secure order and payment processing

What is WebRetail?

WebRetail is a B2C e-commerce solution that integrates directly with
Autopart to simplify online trading.

WebRetail is a comprehensive web shop that makes it easy to sell your products online to consumers.
It includes a built-in Autocat-powered catalogue to simplify the listing of products, while Autopart
integration allows you to receive online orders directly into point-of-sale for processing.

WebRetail is available as an off-the-shelf subscription package, which can be customised to suit your
needs via a selection of design and feature options. If you require additional functionality or have
specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled by our packaged solution, please contact us to discuss a
fully bespoke solution.

Example websites

Here is a selection of example websites that demonstrates the various styles and functionality available. Click on a website name below to view the live site (opens in a new window)

Demo site Example website Visit site »
Design gallery Examples of the template designs available View gallery »

Who is it for?

Automotive parts and accessories retailers.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • 24-hour parts and accessories sales
  • Enhanced customer service via user-friendly online shop
  • Increased online sales income
  • Simplified order and payment processing

Key features

  • Flexible design options
  • Stock and prices imported from Autopart
  • Integrated order placement
  • Autocat v8 parts catalogue
  • SagePay and / or PayPal integration
  • Promotions
  • Banner adverts
  • Best sellers
  • Product reviews
  • Full delivery options matrix
  • Click and collect delivery options
  • User-friendly CMS admin area
  • Static page editor
  • File manager
  • Car care and accessory product listing (optional) 
  • Real-time prices and stock (optional)
  • Trade login (optional)
  • SEO and digital marketing (optional)

What does WebRetail offer?

Standard site features

Flexible design options

WebRetail provides a high degree of flexibility that allows the site to be tailored to match your own
brand identity. The package offers a selection of different layout templates that can be customised to
suit your preferred colour scheme. You can modify the layout further by adding your company logo,
including a background image and displaying your own banner adverts.

If you require additional flexibility or a design that cannot be achieved via the templates, please
contact us to discuss a fully bespoke solution.

Stock and prices imported from Autopart

This feature ensures that you can sell the same stock online as you do in store – complete with the same prices. This significantly reduces the amount of manual data entry and the updates take place on a regular, periodic basis. The process is automated, and runs daily as part of the Autopart dayend routine. An optional extra is available to facilitate stock and price updates in real-time.

Integrated order placement

This feature allows your customers to make product orders directly through your website. For added simplicity, the order will be received for processing directly within your Autopart business management solution.

Autocat parts catalogue

Integrating the Autocat parts catalogue into your website is the simplest way to trade vehiclespecific
components online. It allows your customers to search for parts via VRM, or manually
by make and model, minimising the chance of ordering errors. WebRetail now supports advanced Autocat v8 data, which offers enhanced part to vehicle matching.

SagePay and/or PayPal integration

Whether buying in-store or online, customers need to know that their payment details are safe.
Integration with established and reputable payment processors, SagePay and/or PayPal, will
assure your customers that buying from your website is as secure as possible. Please note that
you may be required to pay additional SagePay and/or PayPal fees with this feature.


Special promotions and discounts are a great way of enticing sales and generating product
interest. Now, you can do this online too by allowing discount codes and promotions on your
web-shop. Promotions can be applied to individual products or product categories.

Banner adverts

You can advertise your products or offers by adding banner adverts to your website
homepage. The module allows you to upload your advert images and define click-through
links for each banner. Adverts can be enabled and disabled, and set to display automatically for
a set date range.

Best sellers

Getting your products noticed is essential for the success of your business. The best sellers feature
promotes your most popular items to your online customers by listing a configurable number of
your best selling products on the homepage of your website.

Product reviews

Even though there are countless powerful ways to market and advertise your products, word of
mouth remains the most effective. By adding product reviews to your website, you can let your
satisfied customers assure potential customers of the quality of your products. Customer reviews
are held in the admin area and must be approved by you before they are visible to your website

Full delivery options matrix

As a business that trades online, it’s important for you to be able to deliver your products on a
national scale. This function will allow you to add delivery charges for regions of your choice, and
these charges can vary depending on the size of the order. This allows you to protect your profit
whilst still being able to trade to a national market. This function also supports multiple order
types, for example, premium rates for next day delivery.

Click and collect delivery options

Allow your customers to choose to pick up an order from your site rather than delivering it. The
feature is customisable to allow your customers to reserve an item with or without prior payment.

User-friendly CMS admin area

WebRetail features a comprehensive admin management dashboard, allowing you to monitor
your website’s sales performance, including top sales by user, total sales, and more. The dashboard
also allows you to view a list of recent orders, and manage promotions.

Static page editor

With the static page editor, you can upload text and images to create pages on your website. This
could be a page to describe a current promotion with a link to the product you wish to promote.
Please note that the file manager will be required to facilitate the uploading of images.

File manager

Working in conjunction with the static page editor, the file manager option facilitates the
uploading of files to your website. These files could be text, images, or promotional banners to
feature on your static pages. All the files you upload will be saved onto your server, so they will be
readily available should you need to use them again.

Optional extras

Car care and accessory product listing

Increasing the amount of stock you can trade online is an efficient way of generating extra sales.
The car care and accessory product listing feature allows you to add your non-vehicle specific
stock to your website, which could include tools, garage equipment and car care and accessory
products. Please note that web export routines are required for this function.

Real-time prices and stock

Our standard WebRetail package facilitates periodic price and stock updates. However, this feature
allows real-time price updates and stock availability. If your customers are able to see that their
desired product is in stock and will be delivered promptly, it could be the deciding factor to make
them choose you over your competitors.

Trade login

If you have customer-specific pricing with trade partners, you’ll want them to be able to see
their own prices for products on your website. The trade login feature facilitates this by allowing
customers to login using their own unique details. Once logged in, they will be able to see their
specific pricing as accessed from your Autopart system. The layout and unique design of your web
shop will remain the same for these customers - only the pricing models will be affected.

SEO and digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing will help to ensure that your WebRetail site
will rank well for relevant search terms on search engines such as Google and Bing. Once potential
customers have been attracted to your WebRetail site, copywriting and content marketing services
can help to optimise your site to engage and convert them.

Opt-in for news, offers & promotions

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