Start-up motor factor to use Autopart Online to deliver "good old-fashioned service"

Posted: 08-08-2017

7 Dale Motor Factors employs MAM Software's cloud solution to help provide good customer service and efficiently manage its operations

Based in Kidderminster, 7 Dale is a general motor factor which prides itself on the customer experience. The company opened for business on 1st June using Autopart Online, MAM's marketing leading business management solution.

7 Dale aims to utilise the system as part of its strategy to deliver a high standard of service to its customers, monitor business performance, and gain advantages over competitors.

Hosted at a secure data centre, Autopart Online is the cloud-based version of MAM's market leading business management solution. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach offers the same functionality as traditional on-premise software without the upfront investment or need for ongoing server maintenance.

In addition to Autopart Online, 7 Dale is also using MAM's comprehensive electronic parts catalogue, Autocat, to be able to easily access, compare and order parts across a range of suppliers.

"The customer experience is massively important to us. We want to get back to delivering good old-fashioned service," Stuart Gillam, Managing Director at 7 Dale, explains.

"Poor service is one of our biggest bug bears, so we chose Autopart Online in order to make the whole ordering process, from the customer ringing in, to them receiving the part, as seamless as possible."

"We like Autopart Online because it is simple, easy-to-use and it does the job well. The ability to run in-depth reports are beneficial when you're constantly trying to stay ahead of competitors."

"Moving forward, we've got high expectations for Autopart Online to efficiently manage the day-to-day running of the business and I think it will be absolutely spot on for what we want."

"We're delighted that 7 Dale has chosen to open their doors using Autopart Online to manage their business," said Mark Kendall, National Sales Manager at MAM Software.

"We have full confidence that Autopart Online will be able to help 7 Dale achieve its goals, keep the customer experience the centre focus of its business, and assist them in staying ahead of the competition. The software is designed by industry specialists who understand the needs for automotive part distributors, motor factors and retailers of all shapes and sizes.”

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