Software helps garages earn up to £5,000 extra per month

Posted: 14-08-2018

Autowork Online management software helps garages recover deferred work and generate additional revenue worth over £260,000

MAM Software is pleased to report that garages using its Autowork Online management software are recovering deferred work worth up to £5,000 per month. Garages using the feature recover an average of six jobs per month, with the most proactive users recovering six jobs a week.

Deferred work is a feature in Autowork Online that helps garages manage postponed jobs. Rather than deleting work that motorists decline, the software enables garages to defer the jobs until a later date and send reminders to their customers to recover the work.

In the six months since its launch, garages using the feature have collectively recovered over 1,450 jobs and generated an additional £260,000 of revenue. On average, garages recovered six jobs a month, worth around £180 each, generating an extra £1,100 revenue. However, the most active users have been recovering over 25 jobs per month and generating in excess of £5,000 additional income.

"Garages often fail to capitalise on work that is declined," said Gavin Sparks, senior sales manager at MAM Software. "In many circumstances, non-essential work is deleted from the job card and forgotten. Our software allows garages to defer the work until a future date and create SMS text reminders to send to customers. More often than not, work is declined because of budget, so reconnecting with customers at a later date can reap its rewards."  

Southcombe Garage in Chipping Norton has been using the module successfully for the past six months. Owner Ben Dix said,  "We use deferred work alongside the CarSide app and day-to-day advisories. It allows us to estimate for specific work and then either implement the work on an existing job card, create a new job to be allocated, or to set up a reminder for us to contact the customer in the future to secure the work. This has been used to great success and has increased profit."

To see Autowork Online's deferred work module in action, watch MAM's demonstration video on their website. You can view the full statistics in MAM's infographic.

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