Sister companies choose 'trusted' MAM solutions

Posted: 05-04-2017

Motor factors upgrade to MAM's cloud systems after consolidating software options.

MAM Software is pleased to announce that Midland Car Spares and CCS Bulldog, two motor factors based in the West Midlands, have both chosen to upgrade to Autopart Online after electing to continue their long-standing partnerships with MAM.

Having used Autopart for over 10 years, both Midland and Bulldog voted to switch from on-site servers to a cloud-hosted solution to benefit from greater efficiency when functioning together as sister companies.  

The companies were keen to continue their partnership with MAM Software, saying that Autopart Online was trusted software and that they would be "pretty much hopeless" without features such as the Autocat v8 catalogue and integrated sales ledgers.

As well as upgrading to Autopart Online, the companies will be merging databases in order to work more closely together and communicate more efficiently in the future. The merge is also the start of the process of integrating the two businesses into one.

Midland and Bulldog will utilise the combined databases to monitor stock in real-time and check sales ledgers without having to use remote logins. It will also enable them to run data reports on both businesses separately, and as a whole.

"We find Autopart very useful when it comes to running our businesses," as Bhagwant Singh Gill, Managing Director of Midland and Bulldog explains. "Without it we'd be pretty much hopeless as functionality in Autopart is important to help Midland and Bulldog work together."

"Ultimately we decided to upgrade to the cloud because we've been with MAM for a long time and have built up a good, long-standing relationship. Autopart is a piece of software that we're familiar with, we know the functionality is there, and it's a system that we trust."

"We were also pleased to discover that the upfront costs of the cloud were lower than a traditional on-premise solution, as we didn't need to buy expensive server hardware. MAM will handle all the software updates for us, manage the server hardware and look after our data."

"As well as Autopart being essential in running our day-to-day operations, we also like the idea of being in partnership with the aftermarket leader in business management software. Furthermore, because MAM are a UK based company with UK based support, they understand our requirements and their solutions are tailored for the market that we're in."    

"We're delighted that Midland and Bulldog have chosen to upgrade to Autopart Online," said Mark Kendall, National Sales Manager at MAM Software.

"Autopart Online will be greatly beneficial for Bhagwant and his team by providing access to market leading functionality, without the need to maintain expensive on-premise servers. We highly value the relationships that we have with our customers, and we're looking forward to providing Midland and Bulldog with solutions to develop their business efficiency."

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