Phocas Business Intelligence

Phocas is a business intelligence solution that allows MAM customers to get more reporting power and deeper insights from the data in their MAM business management solution.

What is Phocas Business Intelligence?

Phocas allows you to see high-level dashboards of your key business metrics. You can then drill right down into the underlying transactions. MAM customers love Phocas as they can see the data that makes their business tick.

It enables mashups of data across numerous data sources. Data from within MAM (such as sales data, purchasing data, order data, budget data, financials and rebates) can be correlated with data from your CRM, the cloud, marketing systems and even spreadsheets.

Phocas is the preferred business intelligence partner for Autopart and Trader, offering solutions and expertise to enhance reporting capabilities.

Who is Phocas Business Intelligence for?

  • Automotive parts distributors, motor factors and retailers using MAM Autopart
  • Building supply merchants, product wholesalers and retailers using MAM Autopart

See Phocas’ dedicated solutions page for MAM users as well as a selection of Phocas customers using MAM.

What are the benefits to your business?

Phocas equips you with easy access to your MAM data to make better business decisions in real-time, frequently resulting in:

  • Sales opportunities
  • Efficiency gains
  • Improved margins
  • Purchasing savings
  • Better stock management
  • Enhanced processes
  • Pricing gains
  • Lower aged debt
  • Better financial reporting

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